By Member Gary Saltzburg
August 15, 2021

These pictures represent a typical Monday night drill in the East Fishkill Fire District. These are men and woman that volunteer to protect you and your community. They train hard on a regular basis to be efficient when the call goes out for help. Training includes fire suppression, vehicle extrication, rope rescue, water rescue, ice rescue and medical emergencies, such as cardiac arrest, drug overdoses, allergic reactions, traumatic injuries and the list goes on and on. These are the people that risk their lives on every single call they go on. Every time they walk out the door whether it is for training, a call, a meeting or whatever it may be, they are taking time away from their families and their friends. Their reward is helping you so that you can go back home to your families. If you see a volunteer anywhere, it doesn’t have to be in East Fishkill, maybe just say thank you for everything you do.

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