Birthday Day Drive-By Parade
By Member Gary Saltzburg
June 8, 2020

To the East Fishkill Community:

It has been an honor in these trying times with COVID-19 for the East Fishkill Fire District and East Fishkill Police Department to be able to brighten your child's birthday with a drive-by parade.

Fortunately, things are starting to open up more and people are starting to go back to work. Many of our all-volunteer department have returned to work, our call volume is increasing daily and the police department although not volunteer is also experiencing a substantial increase in call volume. So, in order to be able to protect and serve our community in the way that you deserve, we've made the decision to end the birthday drive-by parades on June 14th. As difficult as this is, this is the only way we can properly serve and protect you.

This will give us the opportunity to go back to our training which we always have done on a regular basis in order to be prepared for any and all emergencies. This in itself is very time consuming for the membership.

We look forward to continually serving and protecting our community for you as we've always done in the past.

Best wishes, be safe, and stay healthy!


East Fishkill Fire District
East Fishkill Police Department